Brief Insight In The Efik Culture -

Brief Insight In The Efik Culture

    The Efik is an ethnic group primarily located in southeastern Nigeria, in the southern part of Cross River state. They make up a significant number of the Calabar people. We will be briefly looking at three basic signatures of the Efik tribe; their language, food and dance!

  Efik was one of the earliest Nigerian languages with its original orthography devised in 1812 by King Eyo Nsa Honesty. It was one of the first three Nigerian languages to be codified with its own orthography and grammar. It was also one of the first Nigerian languages used in translating the Holy Bible.

  The Edkiang Ikong soup is a mouth-watering nutritious vegetable soup that originated among the Efik-Ibibio people of Akwa Ibom and Cross River state in southeastern Nigeria. It’s considered a delicacy among many Nigerians and widely eaten all over Nigeria. It’s rather expensive to prepare however, and it’s described as a soup mostly eaten by the rich people in Nigeria.
The Ekombi Dance:

The Efik might be a minority tribe, but there’s definitely nothing minor about their rich cultural heritage. One of the ways this rich cultural heritage manifests is through the Ekombi dance, a colourful dance that is beautiful, precise and said to be a rhythmic adaptation of the movement of sea waves.

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