Thinking of Christmas Gift? Read This! -

Thinking of Christmas Gift? Read This!

Christmas is around the corner and everyone is panicking to get everything done in time. From wrapping up work to decorating the house to doing all the food shopping to buy Christmas gifts for your loved ones – there definitely is plenty to do! There are lots of traditions we follow, lots of amazing food to be eaten and lots of fun to be had – I simply cannot wait! On top of all this amazing holiday magic, one of my other favorite things about Christmas is buying Christmas gifts for my loved ones. I really do think the season is all about giving.

Christmas gift ideas which really have the power to influence happiness in a positive way are experiences, personal development and personal gifts:

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Give an experience. It could be theatre tickets, a dining experience, a cooking class, a spa treatment,a shopping experience, or even a special experience you want to create for them(like spending memorable moments at gardens, beach,e.t.c and capturing or video recording such moments). Experiences are incredibly powerful happiness boosters because we excitedly anticipate them, we enjoy them when we actually have them, and then we also reminisce about them after they’ve happened.

Give something that helps them to grow and learn. The most useful gift you can give anyone is something that helps them develop. It could be anything as simple as a self-help book to something more interactive like a fully fledged online course. Humans are always naturally evolving because we are dynamic creatures, and that’s why we are also our happiest when we are learning. Give a gift that will help your loved ones learn, and you’ll also boost their happiness and help them succeed.

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Give a personalized gift. There’s nothing like receiving a gift that has some personal touches from your loved ones. It could be a mug with a personalized message, a T-shirt with a funny phrase or admirable photo design or a gift they asked for. It shows that great care and consideration went into the gift and it makes the recipient of the gift feel even more special. Also, every time they pick up that gift, it will remind them of you and your special relationship with them, making them smile.

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I hope these thoughts are helpful when it comes to deciding what to buy for your loved ones. Remember it’s not about how much you spend but about the thought that went into that gift.

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