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History Of Igala Kingdom

The Igala Kingdom also referred to as Kingdom of Idah, was founded by the Igala – a people living north of the Igbo, with its capital at Idah. The ruling figure of the Igala ethnic group is known as “Attah”which means ‘Father”. Attah Ayegba Omo Idoko and Attah Ameh Oboni are the two most revered Attahs of the Igala Kingdom.

History has it that Attah Ayegbe Oma Idoko offered his most beloved daughter, Princess Inikpi by burying her alive to ensure that the Igala win the war of liberation from the Jukuns’ dominance. Princess Inikpi statue presently stands with grace at Idah. She is seen as a heroine. Attah Ameh on the other hand, is known to be very brave and resolute. He died by committing suicide in other to forestall the plan of the British who wanted him disposed and exiled.

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The Igala are the largest tribe in Kogi State. They have a population of around 1.5million and are found in 9 local government areas in the eastern part of Kogi State. Igala is the language spoken by the people located within the triangle formed by the confluence of the river Niger and Benue in Kogi state of Nigeria. It is as well the major language group in Kogi, Nigeria. The people are found east of confluence of these rivers.

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The land is bounded on the West by the river Niger, on the east by Enugu state, the South by Anambra State, on the north by Benue/Nassarawa state.

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