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Who Buys Gift More, Men or Women?

According to record, a researcher enlisted the help of about 200 participants. He asked the individuals to imagine a close friend, and to write down three gifts that they thought this friend would like to receive. He then recorded how long it took them to come up with three gift ideas, and used it as a proxy of how hard it is to come up with good gift ideas in general. Of course, he also recorded the gender of the gift giver and the gender of the friend that was considered. The results were quite surprising:

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In explanation of the graph: Women took about as long to come up with three good gifts for other women as they did for other men (about 40 seconds). However, men found it relatively easy to think of gifts for other men (also about 40 seconds), but found it much harder to think of good gifts for women (almost 60 seconds!).

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However, men are obviously simpler to search for as a rule — the two people discovered it generally simple to do as such — yet ladies are a lot harder to look for… if the individual doing the shopping is a man.


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