How To Identify Original Leather Shoes -

How To Identify Original Leather Shoes

Leather is a widely used material for both men and women’s fashion, from wallet to purse to belt to shoes.. many industries, both in fashion and furniture, like to compromise the use of genuine leather for the synthetic one basically because genuine leather is expensive.

How to identify original leather shoes

To be able to tell the authentication of any leather product, be it shoes, belts, purse, even sofa, car seat, e.t.c. You have to have to be able to tell an original leather when you see one.

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How can you tell?

The texture of an original leather is usually the varying form of texture, meaning when you run your hand through the leather, it should get the feeling of it varying from coarse to smooth. If it feels like you are touching a plastic when you run your hand through it, then it is not original. It also has the warm feeling when you touch it but the reverse is the case for inferior leather.

Original leather or simply real leather is made from animal skin, usually cow, sheep or goat. The skin will then undergo a process of preparation, tanning and crusting. Sometimes, leather producers also add additional layer of coating after the leather is ready, and this process is called finishing.

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There are different types of original leathers; they are aniline leather, semi-aniline leather and pigmented leather.

Aniline leather is the purest form of leather with no coating. It is vulnerable to scratch, wetness, stain and sunlight. Semi-aniline leather is also a very pure form of leather with coating though light, basically for the purpose of protection than decoration. It is stronger against scratch, wetness, stain and sunlight. Pigmented leather has a layer of pigment on its surface. It looks less of a  leather, perhaps because of its shinny appearance pigment surface. However, pigmented leather will give more durability compared to the other two.

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