“When exercising in the evening, there is a greater decrease in blood pressure . . . compared to the blood pressure decrease that is experienced (for the same exercise intensity) in the morning,”Pearson, a researcher noted.Claudia Forjaz health researcher said to those with high blood pressure;

“They should choose to do aerobic training in the evening to have greater and faster results,” Morning workouts are still better than none at all, Forjaz added. “If they only have the morning for exercising, they will also have the benefits, but it may take longer,” Forjaz said.

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Hypertension affects roughly one billion people worldwide and is responsible for 8 million deaths a year, mostly from cardiovascular causes like heart attacks and strokes, the researchers note in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.

According to him, as REUTERS HEALTH reports, a research was practical research study was carried out and men in the study were typically in their early 50s and overweight. Many were taking one or more medications to manage their hypertension. At the start, their resting systolic blood pressure ranged from 133 to 135 mmHg and their resting diastolic blood pressure ranged from 88 to 92 mmHg. With evening workouts, the average decrease in systolic blood pressure was 8 mmHg and the average decrease in diastolic pressure was 3 mmHG.

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This goes to confirm their research statement that evening workouts in men has a strong tendency to reduce high blood pressure.