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A New Nigeria

For some Nigerians is a wrong choice, another round of suffering as a nation, a large space of unemployment, poverty in the country with the announcement of the 2019 Presidential Elections result, emerging President Muhammadu Buhari as the resident to run for another four years. Having ruled for the first term, his emerging winner 2019 makes it his second term in presidential seat.

His first tenure came with an agenda, to mainly eradicate corruption. The country having experienced so much turbulence and corruption over the years; it was a system where the rich get richer, the poor poorer. The system was messed up in almost all areas and Nigerians needed hope, success as a nation, a saviour and they felt Muhammadu Buhari was the best bet for a prosperous Nigeria, so he was voted for by majority and won in 2015.

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In 2019,he won a second term and many  are sad. We can relate their sadness. They feel disappointed perhaps they did not see enough improvement or obvious positivity or numerous positivity during his first tenure. But we shouldn’t forget that to undo  a damage or heal a wound, it takes time to get back to a fresh undamaged or unwounded surface. Gradually, unstains and unbends from damage(s) begin to take shape, injury begins to heal until a complete injury free surface appears.

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Dear Nigerians this is the healing process, signs of relief along the line have been discovered. Long forgotten pensions have been paid. For example; pensions collected by the Nigeria Airways Pensioners, Jobs have been made available to an extent(The NPower Teach Scheme), poverty is being tackled(The Petty Trader Scheme)..Instead of feeling disappointed, sad over his victory or even having negative declaration or pronouncement upon our nation Nigeria, we should rather do our best in all areas, especially in helping the nation tackle insecurity. Nigeria is our country. God bless Nigeria.

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