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Politics of identity and the old age syndrome in Nigeria 2 By Abayomi Oguniyi

Abayomi Oguniyi is a writer, basically writes to inform and educate on features of and affecting our country Nigeria and beyond. Here is a piece on the continuation of his write-up on Politics of Identity;

“seeking to lure the mind of his electorate to ambition rather than the ideology he failed to build. It was the man who promised to help his friends that looted against a man who promised to move Nigeria to the next level despite the below par performance of his administration and poor health challenges he encountered while he was in power.           The former was the vice president of Nigeria whom under his watch public corporation was sold to wealthy and affluent politician while the opposing candidate was the former head of state and seating president under his watch Nigeria has endured turbulent and harsh economic and socio-political conditions in its history.

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Despite the emergence of a young presidential aspirant, these two elder statesmen were seen as the only candidates that can move the nation forward.  It is a  prove that the Nigeria presidential slot has never been given to a young and emerging  candidate except the godfather is no longer  the president and he want impose a candidate just like Obasanjo presented an ailing Yaradua during 2007 presidential election yet our problems remain unsolved.

Nigeria politics has been a game of numbers and population than game of ideologies, the politician identity among the populace is a major factor irrespective of your acts, age, behavior or personality. It is believe that the common man in this society rather hunt for a man who have been on the seat of power for a longtime than a new man discarding his credentials and ideas. Building on this ideology, it was a battle between a man of 72 years old and a man of 76 years old, fighting for the presidential seat excoriating the younger aspirant.

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Nigerians decided on the elder statesmen they want to see become their president irrespective of their frailties, the election was conducted and we saw the 76 years Old man from Daura, Katsina State having an upper hand over the 72 years old man from Adamawa State in a tensed  and rigid electoral contest.

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The narrative of the old man political syndrome built on greed and manipulative seem unending within the political sphere, a game of elder statesmen taking the future star out of the game is a proof that the system is few individuals to get in and do what they want. It was to expect and what to endure until we are ready which we are not yet.





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