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NK shares ‘what people go through after a break-up’

NK says these are what people go through after a break-up;

*Emotional depression: Here one is not emotionally at peace as one gets too disturbed and sad. Those involved in this category find themselves struggling to be fine, to be focused mentally and emotionally.

*Thinking so much about the relationship: Here one tends to keep thinking of the past moments, the good and bad times, longing and wishing to move on and forget all memories. This situation pushes some to jump into a new relationship of course with a different person, not putting into consideration if they are in the right frame of mind to go into anther relationship.

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*Thinking about your commitment in the relationship: One begins to count losses, and blame oneself for all the monetary commitment one rendered in the relationship.

*Pretending to be happy when you are not: One can easily relate when someone seems to act all happy but is bitter within. This is common with those who are just got involved in a relationship break-up.

*Becoming aggressive and feeling suddenly offensive at any given time: Here little things or action or words from others, tend to make the person angry. There is an outrage of anger at the slightest provocation. Many would consider such a person as a sadist in most cases.

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*Transfer of aggression: It is easier for such people to transfer their anger on other people who barely didn’t react on them in ways that should aggravate anger.

*Sleepless night: When one is trying to recover from a break-up, they find it difficult to sleep.

*Not taking care of one self properly again: They initially have this feeling of “there is nothing else to live for” because for them, is like the world has come upside down.

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*Paying so much attention to everything that concerns the person you broke-up with and wanting to know about the person and the person’s moves.

Her advise to those in relationship, “if you must break up, carefully pick up your pieces and move on!

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