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🌹☕MORNING TEA with Anthonia iii

Don’t mind that man who finds it hard to submit to someone whom God has placed over him but forces his will on his followers or wants them to listen to him when he gives out instructions.

You will definitely reap what you sow. It’s impossible to plant tomatoes and reap yam.

Never you dishonor any man in position today because men who will dishonor you when you find yourself in that same position in the future are warming up. You may not be able to decipher the personality of the man sleeping beside you now, my simple advise; don’t treat men like trash and expect honor from anyone.

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Are you there and all you do is to condemn men who are ahead of you? Sooner or later men will do same to you. Do you make life unbearable for the leaders whom God has placed over you? Don’t be surprised when you occupy a position later and someone does that to you.

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Do you want to command respect from men? Respect others first. Do you want people you are monitoring to listen to you? Listen to the man whom God has placed above you. Honor all men.

Finally, all Tonia is saying is; “Do unto others what you want others to do unto you.”

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