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Storytelling With Ebysblog

A woman marriage counsellor shared her story once.

“After our wedding a sister started calling my husband. She will even pray for us on the phone and advise him like a good sister. Some weeks later my husband asked me to follow him to a friend’s office, that the friend wants to give us our wedding present because she missed our wedding. I followed him to her office, we spent hours and she was just running Helter skelter, opening and closing her drawers till we finished the soft drinks she offered us and left without any wedding present as she promised.
One evening my husband asked me to follow him to some where, that a friend invited him over. So we drove to town. To my greatest surprise it was the same sister in the Lord, in her dimly light room with the blues playing and her annointed body hug. That day she didn’t even offer us any drink and no meaningful conversation. She was just fiddling with her phone all through then we left. She reduced the rate at which she calls because each time she calls my husband will make sure he gives me the phone to greet her even though he did not explain anything to me, I already caught the joke and was so proud of him.
Finally, we were sleeping one night around 11pm. This sister called, that she was stranded on the road with 5 other sisters that the annointing program dismissed so late and they could not get transport back to town that my husband should please help them. I heard her clearly in the loud silence of the night. My husband got up, sat for sometime before tapping me. He begged me that I should please accompany him. Honestly it was a very big disturbance to my sleep but I just had to get up. As we got close to the junction she mentioned, I was busy looking out for a group of ladies only to see one person standing there like a ghost. She was even carrying her very big sized Bible. Immediately my husband stopped, she rushed to hop into the front seat where I was perfectly glued. My dear husband then directed her to move to the back seat. As we dropped her at her gate, she was so furious to the extent she couldn’t say thank you and bluntly refused to respond to the goodnight I managed to greet her. I watched my husband as he silently smiled till we got home. Since then she has not called again”

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from her story she taught us that

1 it is not easy for these our husbands especially the ones that are good looking and can feed themselves
2 it doesn’t matter how sanctimonious the sister might pretend to be,devil can use any of them
3 don’t think your husbands love cheating, some of these ladies never give up easily
4 when you don’t pray for your husband expect anything in your marriage.

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