Madonna marks 61st birthday -

Madonna marks 61st birthday

Madonna is amidst three evenings of festivity for her 61st birthday. The pop star started her celebrating with a table of doughnuts, and has been taped moving and bringing down beverages. In her present appearance as Madame X, the artist has shared her appreciation and the idea of her festivals on the web. Madonna composed on Instagram:

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‘Madame ❌ is a birthday Girl… … Grateful to the Universe for all that she has gotten.’

In a video nearby the message, Madonna is seen hitting the dance floor with a huge group, and getting a table brimming with doughnuts formed to spell ‘Cheerful birthday’.

She says in the video: ‘This it start of three magnificent evenings of festivity and everything begins with doughnuts.’ The video at that point demonstrates her company moving to percussive music as she downs drinks with a companion.

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