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“Yes I cheated yesterday” he said without thinking and just like magic, the alcohol flew from everyone’s eyes including Dotun, Mr groom to be. “shit just got real” he whispered remorseful. “shit just got real” I voiced out, in my mind meaning, you see.

Everyone was quiet and stared at Tiana. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Then she smiled. “You told me you were clean, and I really thought this union was clean, so you have been lying to me this whole time.” She said while we were busy calming her down. She smiled again. “You know what. it’s over” she flung the 30 carat gold ring in his drink. We all thought it was a joke.

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She ran upstairs to the room where we were suppossed to stay and locked herself up. We knocked and knocked to no avail… I was scared she might do something crazy but I was hopeful. My other friends looked at me expecting me to yell and blame them but I wasn’t in the mood for all that, we decided to contribute 30k each, to get a room of at least price 150k

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The next day, her door was opened I quickly went to talk to her, she wasn’t even dressed.

“Please you need to go bath and start your make-up” Anita, it’s over with Dotun and I, I was so serious about my decision” she said and my heart skipped several beats. ” You can’t just throw away the the 30 carat gold, 500k hall, the expensive decor, the two cows, food, drinks and above all my 83k just for this wedding alll for a mistake, seriously he won’t do that again.’

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She looked at me as if I had lost my mind.

My friend was serious. Family members came, tried resolving the issue but she was stuck to her decision. I cried, this time not for what I had spent but because my best friend was hurting.

Just woke up and realized it was all a DREAM.

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