Here Is A Dose Of An Ideal Daily Lifestyle -

Here Is A Dose Of An Ideal Daily Lifestyle

Here are some lifestyle steps we consider should be a daily dose routine:

Morning prayers: We’ve got to give thanks to God and commit each day into His hands. We are absolutely nothing without God.

Breakfast: Yup! Sometimes when some of us are on the move, we forget what time lunch is and may even skip that entirely, so is best to start my day with some food in my stomach.

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Screen time: This comprises of a bunch of things we do on our computer or phone such as sending and responding to emails, writing business plans and proposals, writing stories, checking out scripts, scheduling meetings, blogging, updating social media, responding to social media messages, training, mentoring, and much more.

Rest: If you don’t rest, you’ll burn out. And that’s the truth! Rest for me could be reading a book, watching a movie, talking with friends and family or actually sleeping.

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