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Factors to consider before divorce

Divorce: The dictionary tells us that a legal dissolution of a marriage contract by a court or other body having competent authority, is called divorce.

Marriage Relationship: This kind of relationship can be defined as the state of connectedness between people. A state of mutual dealings between people.

Before Divorce: Talking about divorce; Here are Key points to consider before embarking on dissolving your marriage:

  • Are the both of us willing to improve on our relationship?
  • Am I being used?
  • What about my promise on the alter of God on our wedding day during to stay forever in good or bad?
  • Am I still in love with my spouse?
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Love is a strong emotional feeling of sincere likeness and acceptance of an individual feels through action, words and every other way of expression. God has given us the fruits of the spirit. God has given us the fruits of the spirit, the attribute of the spirit are joy, peace, love, patience and the greatest of them is Love.

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Honestly if you don’t feel loved in the first place, it was an error to have gone into marriage but because of the promise made to stand by each other forever, its important to work on it to keep promise made.

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