Steps: How to fix magnetic lashes -

Steps: How to fix magnetic lashes

Lashes or eye-lash are hairs in the toper layer of our eyes. To look more attractive, many tend to fix various soothing sizes. To fix the magnetic eye-lashes, please follow these steps:

1. Prep Your Eyelashes: Start by curling your lashes with mascara or an eyelash curler to create a solid base for the magnets to stick to. When applying regular false lashes, experts usually recommend saving mascara for last.

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2. Apply the Top Lash: This part can be a little tricky at first but gets easier and easier every time you try it. All magnetic lashes come with a top and bottom. The top and bottom pieces are designated in the box. First, grab the top lash and place it along your lash line very closely. Balance it there while you grab the lower part.

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3. Apply the Lower Lash: With the top magnetic lashes piece balanced in place on your upper part line, align the lower lash underneath your top eyelashes, allowing the magnets to snap the two rows together. This will create a sandwich with your actual eyelashes in the middle of the two rows of magnetic lashes. Finally do adjusting touches with your fingers.

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Applying false lashes for the first time is no doubt going to be challenging however, practise makes perfect.

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