Doctor falsely diagnosed kids of cancer to scare parents -

Doctor falsely diagnosed kids of cancer to scare parents

A covetous specialist lied and advised guardians their kids had malignant growth – cancer, to unnerve them into paying for costly private consideration from his organization, a guard dog has dominated.

Dr Mina Chowdhury gave bogus judgments for three children and afterward prescribed outputs and tests connected to his battling Glasgow firm, Meras Healthcare, without alluding the families to the NHS.

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In one case, the 44-year-old pediatrician told a mum her two-year-old kid could have “blood malignant growth or lymphoma” and proposed treatment in London, asserting no emergency clinic in Scotland could play out an echocardiogram on a kid.

In a subsequent case, he told a 15-month-old young lady’s folks that she had a knot in her leg and it was a “delicate tissue sarcoma”, the Daily Record reports.

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Chowdhury told the guardians a specialist in London could mastermind an a ultrasound sweep, MRI and biopsy inside days, the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) heard.

He told the mum of an adolescent patient that she had a “neuroblastoma in her stomach which could spread whenever left untreated”.

Chowdhury advised the mother to get ready for a discussion that “all guardians fear” before including: “We are going to discuss the ‘C’ word.”

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He told the mum that the young lady would need to head out to London for blood tests.

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