Impeachment is pure partisan politics - Ivanka Trump -

Impeachment is pure partisan politics – Ivanka Trump

White House senior consultant Ivanka Trump said her dad sees the House’s choice to arraign him on two separate charges as “simply crude fanatic legislative issues,” yet in addition left the president “stimulated” in front of a Senate preliminary in the new year.

“He said it didn’t feel like he was being impugned,” Ivanka Trump told “Face the Nation” about her dad’s state of mind post-indictment in a meeting with Margaret Brennan about paid family leave Thursday at the CBS Washington authority.

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“It is entirely exceptional that help for denunciation has diminished after some time as more data was exhibited to the American individuals. It’s diminished, not expanded. So with the entirety of this time spent, with these observers who didn’t have firsthand information, with these individuals that have been strutted before the American individuals, support for this activity has diminished. Along these lines, you know, I think he recognizes the truth about it, which is extremely simply crude fanatic governmental issues.”

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