Boris Johnson Serves Christmas Lunch To British Troops -

Boris Johnson Serves Christmas Lunch To British Troops

Boris Johnson has served Christmas lunch to British soldiers positioned in Estonia on a one-day visit to the Baltic nation on Saturday.

The Prime Minister wished troops a happy Christmas in Estonian as he served them turkey and Yorkshire puddings at the Tapa army installation close to the capital Tallinn.

Mr Johnson, wearing a red cover, asked warriors “who needs turkey?” and guided them to frame a deliberate line as he served nourishment to many soldiers. Numerous troopers modeled for selfies with him as he handed out Yorkshire puddings. He asked one troop “would you say you are getting a charge out of it here?” before commenting, in reference to the dark skies: “It’s very kind of disheartening, would it say it isn’t?”

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Mr Johnson at that point visited the flask welcoming warriors as they tucked into their Christmas snacks.

The PM had a chomp of chocolate cake as he plunked down on one table where he visited to troops about rugby, Russia and their liquor limitations while on base.

He let them know: “Last time I was here they let me drive a tank. That didn’t appear to be on the motivation today.”

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