Surfer attacked by shark calls rescue a "Christmas miracle" -

Surfer attacked by shark calls rescue a “Christmas miracle”

A surfer assaulted by a shark off the bank of Southern California considered his story of endurance a “Christmas miracle” that he expectations will move other people who are experiencing extreme occasions.

Adam Coons, 37, was surfing his last flood of the day close to Santa Rosa Island, one of the Channel Islands, on Saturday evening when the shark all of a sudden developed.

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“It felt like I just got impacted by a torpedo,” Coons disclosed to ABC News. “I didn’t feel the chomp from the adrenaline and afterward I was quickly (submerged) submerged getting whipped. ABC talked with Coons and his companion and previous lifeguard Jeremy Howard, who was on board a pontoon close by and dismantled the surfer to security before applying a tourniquet to his leg.

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