Lionel Messi Reveals His Secret Of Success -

Lionel Messi Reveals His Secret Of Success

Lionel Messi has uncovered how a little schoolwork has changed his free-kick scoring rate this season.

The Barcelona star got six objectives from 41 set-piece endeavors on objective last term, however Opta measurements show he has just discovered the rear of the net multiple times from 12 endeavors in the 2019-20 LaLiga battle.

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Quite a bit of what Messi accomplishes gives off an impression of being founded on an extraordinary regular ability, however an uncommon knowledge into his dead-ball striking proposes there is something else under the surface the eye to his momentous scoring accomplishments.

Goalkeepers may have had enough of Messi putting the ball past them, yet improving of the men in the gloves is an unceasing test for the Argentinian.

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“Recently I have been looking into it, and especially in free-kicks, to see if they move before, if they make a small movement, if not, how they react, how they place the wall,” Messi said. “It’s true that I am now studying this a bit more. But everything is work and training, I have been getting better with training.”

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