Watch: Miley Cyrus features Ex Liam Hemsworth in her decade video -

Watch: Miley Cyrus features Ex Liam Hemsworth in her decade video

New Year’s Day, the 27-year-old pop star posted a video titled Miley Cyrus Decade Video: 10 Years in 10 Minutes, and included film of her ex, Liam Hemsworth, alongside news clippings of their commitment, wedding and detachment.

Hemsworth is included very quickly in a scene from his and Cyrus’ 2010 motion picture, The Last Song. Not exactly a moment into the video, a news report of the two’s accounted for 2012 commitment is appeared, trailed by another news story of their 2013 split.

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Towards the finish of the piece, an ET Canada report discusses Hemsworth and Cyrus’ choice to wed. A couple of seconds after the fact, another news report discusses their choice to isolate.

The 10-minute video never has Cyrus talking straightforwardly to her fans yet rather just shows how she was depicted in the media through her work and through reports about her own life. Notwithstanding the video, Cyrus additionally presented a brisk clasp on Instagram of her extinguishing 2020 candles on a cake while she wore a “Cheers” cap.

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