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Tinubu’s thought on the ‘Amotekun’ saga

National Leader of All Progressives Congress (APC), Sen. Bola Tinubu, on Wednesday known as for talk among governors of South-West states and the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice over the zone’s security initiative, code-named “Amotekun.” In a statement titled “Public Discourse on Amotekun” in Lagos, Tinubu said he did now not trust the Western Nigeria Security Network intended to position the united states of America at risk. He said that talk among the two events would cope with the gray areas. The APC leader, who changed into reacting for the first time since the difficulty has become a national debate, however, stated what could undo the country transformed into the negative commentaries and “the dangerous rhetoric of those who must know better.” 

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In his words;

“Those claiming that this limited, inoffensive addition to security threatens the Republic have taken themselves upon an adventurous excursion. “Those claiming the Federal Government seeks to suppress the South West have also lost their compass terribly. “Those who occupy these two extremes have sunken into the dark recesses of fear and political paranoia that can undo a country if such sentiments are allowed to gestate. “This issue(Amotekun) has dominated recent discourse and media headlines. Distilled to its basics, it concerns how best state governments can assist with the safety and security of their residents. “This is a matter of grave concern entitled to sober thought.

 However, it turned to a political tug of war, fierce and often unthinking rhetoric, for and against, has crossed the lips of too many Nigerians.

 “More subjective than objective thinking has been the fuel of this outburst. Question those in favor of Amotekun, most have but the vaguest notion about. it. “They know few details yet vigorously attribute to its opponents the most negative intentions. “Ask those who oppose Amotekun, they are equally ignorant of its provisions; They oppose the initiative not on its merits but merely because it was proposed by their political opponents or because they don’t see an avenue for personal gain from it “While colorful, the rhetoric has been disconcerting. How people have mishandled this matter demonstrates that we still have far to go in perfecting democracy.” 

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