Trump laments missing Greta's speech at Davos -

Trump laments missing Greta’s speech at Davos

U.S. President Donald Trump called climate activists like Greta Thunberg “prophets of doom” at the World Economic Forum #WEF on Tuesday. By Wednesday he became lamenting now not having watched the teenage activist’s speech.

The gentler tone, along side a promise to sign up for a plan to plant a trillion trees, hinted at a different method from the U.S. President, who inside the beyond has disregarded weather alternate as “fake news” and informed Thunberg she needs “anger management”.

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Either way, the first two days of the once a year Davos gathering have been dominated by the back-and-forth among the 73-year-antique former businessman and the 17-year-old campaigner, with company leaders caught inside the middle, concerned that as well as wordsthere has been a want for concrete decisions.

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Thunberg doubled down at Davos.

“Our residence is still on fire,” the Swede said, decrying the “empty words and promises” of leaders and their message that children — tens of millions of whom have joined Thunberg’s Friday protests around the world — should not worry.

“Your state of no activity is fuelling the flames,” she said.

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