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Heard of Agbalumo Smoothie? You Should Try This!

How to prepare agbalumo smoothie; Agbalumo is in season right now and from what we have heard up until this point, they are as flavorful as ever and on the off chance that you haven’t had a taste, go get some today.

Asides taking agbalumo as a natural product where you simply suck out the seeds and eat the substance of the organic product, you can likewise accept it as a beverage (a smoothie) and trust us when we state it is supplement filled and tasty.

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The following is an excessively snappy formula for agbalumo smoothie.

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4 Agbalumo (African star apples)

1-2 tablespoons of nectar

1 cup of water/soft drink water


Wash and press out the juice from the fruit, including the inner part and some water/soft drink water into the blender. Dispose of the seeds.

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Mix, include the nectar, at that point mix some more.

Strain into a glass containing ice and serve.

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