Storytelling With Ebysblog: Love Story -

Storytelling With Ebysblog: Love Story

Story Teller: Anita Mote

Story Title: When I fell In Love

A love story: As the plane landed, I felt some inner peace within me even if i was forced on the trip. I was in Paris for the first time in my life, thanks to my best friend who arranged the surprise trip. “Paris is the best place to spend holidays” my best friend always said and i really think it was.

A love story: I planned to make my holiday brief, as I couldn’t wait to go back to the office to tidy things up. Being a career lady is all that a woman can be, I said to my self.
The second day in Paris, I decided to get familiar with my environs so i wore a simple gown and left the hotel i was, just as i was mesmerized with the beautiful buildings, I was bumped into a young tall man. I hurriedly said sorry and continue to walk without looking at his face, just as i thought i was over the young man, i felt a tap at my shoulder,
I turned and saw him smiling at me handling me my purse. Jeez, who does that? I took it from him embarrassed. “You are African” He asked and i could sense his French accent. I told him i’m Nigerian and that was how i ended up going to take coffee with Jean, he was so nice and we talked about ourselves
He told me how his dad left his mother when he was young and how she raised him alone, he also said he was a professional painter and i told him about myself and lied that i was in Paris to stay,he was happy i could tell. The next day he took me round Paris, bought me jewelries and I wondered how a painter had so much money forgetting i wasn’t in Nigeria, we went to a ball night and when it was done, he took me back to my hotel and landed me a kiss on my cheek. I think that kiss changed my mindset as i unconsciously think about the kiss on my pimpled cheek, he saw the big pimples yet kissed me there. I started liking him and we hung out more and it led to many kisses, but there was a problem, my trip days in Paris were coming to an end and i didn’t know how life without Jean was going to be. All this while i hadn’t contacted her cos she advice i enjoy my time in Paris but i wanted to tell her about Jean and all I have encountered. Jean accepted me for who I was, he understood me and listened to me, above all he respected me. So two days to my departure, i made up my mind to let him know but just then he took me to a surprise trip

A love story: I was in his house to meet his mother…oh no. His mother spoke well and liked me and that made me so uncomfortable, just then he knelt down to propose…what? just two weeks? I didn’t know when I ran away. I cried when i got to my hotel, I had never cried for love before, never but then it was happening, I finally found ‘love’.
He came that night and i cried and apologized for lying and told him I was going back to Nigeria, he was shocked but tried convincing me to stay, i could see tears in his eyes, he kept saying i shouldn’t break his mum’s heart, but something in me just knew we weren’t meant to be.
So that day I was leaving, he accompanied to the airport as i walked shamefully beside him, I was embarrassed i lied.
Why did you lie” he asked, I think he read me. ” You thought i wouldn’t be serious” he answered and all i did was stare. “That’s why I have decided to follow you to Nigeria, I want to meet Your parent because I am in love with you”. I think I fainted with joy….
And that was how we got married 2 months later, and went back to Paris 2 years later after i had established a branch in Paris.

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