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#RelationshipTalk: What’s important in your relationship?

Can you spot a good relationship? Of route no one knows what actually goes on among any couple, but many years of medical studies into love, sex and relationships have taught us that some of behaviors can predict whilst a couple is on solid ground or headed for afflicted waters. top relationships don’t take place overnight. They take dedication, compromise, forgiveness and maximum of all — effort.

Falling in love is the clean component. The venture for couples is the way to rekindle the fires of romance on occasion and domesticate the mature, trusting love this is the hallmark of an enduring relationship.

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What’s Your Love Style?

When you say “I love you,” what do you mean? Terry Hatkoff, a California State University sociologist, has created a love scale that identifies six distinct types of love found in our closest relationships. 

  • Romantic: Based on passion and sexual attraction 
  • Best Friends: Fondness and deep affection 
  • Logical: Practical feelings based on shared values, financial goals, religion etc.  
  • Playful: Feelings evoked by flirtation or feeling challenged
  • Possessive: Jealousy and obsession 
  • Unselfish: Nurturing, kindness, and sacrifice
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If you have to choose two ingredients in your relationship, which two will you go for?:

A partner who respect you

A partner who pays you absolute attention

A partner who can make you laugh, who is with a good sense of humour

A partner who has the fear of God

A partner with strong financial strength

A partner who is very beautiful or handsome

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A partner who is great in sex

It is important to choose wisely and have a regular review on your love relationship.

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