Khafi Kareem: "I rejected N80M bleaching cream advert deal" -

Khafi Kareem: “I rejected N80M bleaching cream advert deal”

A previous housemate of the reality TV drama, Big Brother Naija, Khafi Kareem, on Monday, May 11, talked on how she dismissed the whole of N8 million for advancement of bleaching creams from an organization delivering them.

Khafi, who had a brush with her manager, the English Metropolitan Police, for participating in the reality TV show and who was in the end acquitted, revealed how she dismissed the proposal in her Instagram page, saying she dismissed the proposal from the anonymous organization in light of the fact that fading was against her own standards.

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Khafi Kareem said;

“I have always tried to monetise myself in a way that is truly in line with my values. I have had to reject certain things. “So, a certain company contacted me and this is actually, till today, the biggest offer I have received. “It was about N8 million and it wasn’t that much that I would have to do, but it was for a skin bleaching brand. “I was in the dilemma of taking the money but not having to do much and this is not something I believed in,” Khafi said.

She noted that although rejecting the offer was hard, it was necessary because of the value she was intent on building for the future.

“I could have just taken the money and not care about the repercussions. There are certain things that I would not be able to do in the future if I take certain deals that were not in relation to my brand. “I had to turn down N8 million so that, by God’s grace, I would make more in the future by being a person of my word,” she added.

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