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It was a relatively calm morning. The morning sun was not piercing. The early birds had
taken their spots, washing and spreading along the river side. The chattering from peer groups
could be heard clearly, amidst sweet songs sang by the maidens. The water was calm, until
…they heard it. Gunshots from a distance seemed to fill the air, the sound of speed boat
engines raving as they came closer. It was that time again, when they raided the villages to
restock in persons, goods, livestock and valuables.
The gunshots became sporadic as they stepped on land. All masked ardoned with bullets,
daggers and charms, with the AK 47 rifle making it’s presence known. They were the pure
danger, sending fear into the heart of any who looked at them.
“Boma!!!” she called out to her younger brother, who was trying to locate her voice amidst the
“Abiye!” his voice was shaky with fear. Suddenly a hand grabbed his arm.
“Run” he looked up to see his Sister and run did he. She held tightly to his arm as they thrashed
along ropes with clothes. They realised the village was under siege. They were totally
surrounded. Hopefully they would take what they came for and hurt no one.
From one house to the other, they went, taking valuables, forcing men and women on
their knees, children aside. It was all their decision to make, who to leave and who to take
along. Abiye is the only daughter to her widowed mother. Her father had died when she was six
immediately after the birth of Boma. Beautiful, bold, intelligent with a beautiful figure. The kind
that can not go unnoticed.
“I want this one.” the ring leader said pointing to her. Giving her a smile that made the
hairs at her neck rise. He looked vicious. Scars took over his body, his eyes were blood shot
and his breathe…..awful. As one of the militant forcely dragged her up, Boma stood up from
where he was kneeling, ran up to the militant and bit his pinky finger. Blood was visible. Yelp of
pain came from him. He slapped Boma and sent him sprawling on the ground. Cursing under
his breath…..”evil men…let her go! Leave my sister…leave her!!”. Abiye was petrified as she
saw the kingpin move closer to her brother and then she found her voice…

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