Arewa Trend; Northern youths showcase wealth -

Arewa Trend; Northern youths showcase wealth

Asking why Arewa is trending on Twitter? All things considered, the terminology turned into a pattern after Northern young people took to Twitter to share photographs as they observed Eid Mubarak.

Arewa trends on Twitter as Northern Nigerian young people flaunt their riches

A large portion of the photographs were taken while standing near their extravagance vehicles. Some went similar to imparting recordings of their carport to various extravagance vehicles. Others modeled for photographs in personal jets.

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Arewa is a Hausa language term for north, one of the cardinal bearings. Its famous use in contemporary Nigeria some of the time recommends a northern Nigerian regionalism or proto-patriotism.

As the youthful northern Nigerians flaunted their riches, some Twitter clients were astounded at how much cash is in the North.


One specific Twitter client who presented with two Moves Royce vehicles out of sight stunned individuals when he uncovered his dad has 3 Rolls Royce and 7 BMWs.

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Sharing the above picture, Bello El-Rufai composed;

Sincere apologies. We had to land close to Oloibiri Oilfield. We suspect IPOBians tried to bring our plane down. But God protected us as he always does. Despite this setback, we will still deliver the Arewa Rolls Royce. We simply had to switch to a smaller plane. We move!”

The show of wealth angered some Nigerians from the South. They alleged the northerners’ wealth is from “oil”, saying the money they made was basically from politics and public funds as well. Despite the argument from the Southerners, the northern youths kept showing off their wealth regardless.

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