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Rapid Test Kits: FG raises alarm over fake COVID-19 test equipment

Endeavors by the Government to accelerate testing for COVID-19 may have endured an interfered with after four units of Rapid Test Kits (RTKs) submitted to decide their viability neglected to meet least necessities.

The suggestion is that Nigeria stays without an endorsed fast test pack.

Government cautioned that anybody discovered showcasing any kind of RTKs would be endorsed likewise.

Nigeria’s affirmed cases shot up by 387 on Friday taking the absolute number of diseases to 9302.

A breakdown of the new cases as discharged by the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) shows that Lagos State had 254 followed by FCT with 29, Jigawa-24 , Edo-22 and Oyo – 15.

The rest are: Waterways 14, Kaduna-11 ,Borno-6, Kano-3 ,Level 2 ,Yobe-2, Gombe-2, Bauchi-2, and Ondo-1.

An aggregate of 2697 have been released up until this point while 261 passings have happened.

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In Cross River, the administration blamed the government experts for not supporting the state’s preventive endeavors, which have made it the main state with no recorded instance of coronavirus in the nation.

Wellbeing Magistrate Betta Edu fought in Calabar that all the state was getting were weight and thumps in the wake of putting forth a valiant effort “to forestall COVID 19.”

The Enlistment center/Chief of the Clinical Research facilities Science Chamber of Nigeria (MLSCN), Dr. Tosan Erhabor, who gave a report on the approval of COVID-19 Quick Test Packs (RTKs) said that the items inspected “fell underneath the by and large satisfactory least for Invitro Diagnostics (IVD) affectability and particularity of 95 percent).

“Accordingly, none were affirmed for the motivations behind conclusion and reconnaissance in Nigeria.”

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He stated:

“A total of 11 In-Vitro Diagnostics; one Polymerase Chain Reaction based kit, nine Rapid Test Kits (2 Antigen based and 7 Antibody based kits) and one Viral Transport Medium (VTM), were received for validation at the MLSCN Public Health In-Vitro Diagnostics Control Laboratory, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria.

“However, out of the seven (7) antibody-based RTKs submitted for validation, only 4 of the RTKs met validation inclusion criteria. The validation of the PCR based kits and Antigen based Rapid Test Kits are ongoing.

“The test kits were evaluated based on sensitivity, specificity and accuracy. The first product scored 29, 94 and 45.8 per cent respectively. The second scored 51.4, 81.6 and 61 per cent; the third scored 22.1, 90.2, 49.2 per cent; while the fourth scored 37.7, 85.1 and 55.6 per cent.

“From the results, the performance characteristics of the four COVID-19 Rapid Test Kits validated fell below the generally acceptable minimum for Invitro Diagnostics (IVD) sensitivity and specificity of 95 per cent). Therefore, none were approved for the purposes of diagnosis and surveillance in Nigeria.

“It became clear from the standardised validation done by MLSCN that the manufacturers’ claims as contained in the product insert about Sensitivity, Specificity and Accuracy are not always correct.

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“In this case, we observed a significant standard deviation, an indication that Rapid Test kits that are not validated poses higher risks of providing false positive and negative results.”

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