Storytelling With Ebysblog - 13 -

Storytelling With Ebysblog – 13

Story Title: ACROSS RIVERS 2


Storytelling : “Please leave him,let him go, take it out on me….please!”
“Abasi!!…..small boy” he said with a wicked grin on his face. Boma trembling as he placed his
strong hand on his shoulder. Taking his words slowly, “you see…you remind me of myself when
I was your age. Fearless!!” he began to laugh hysterically, as he helped him up and pushed him
to another militant.
“He is going with us”
“Ah Capon, this small boy won’t help us?” moving closer to the nagging militant……
“I said take him!”.
They had loaded their loots and abducted young girls and boys. Blindfolded, bound
hands and foot, they pushed their captives till they got in the boat. Abiye could hear her brother
sniffing and was glad she did.
“Boma” she called out to him in a whisper. On hearing her voice, he tried to walk in its
direction, stepping on a few toes and apologising, till he fell close to her knees. Pulling himself
up and resting his head on her shoulder.
“do you think we should jump?” he whispered in her ear.
“that would be suicidal. Let’s go across the river at least when we can see.” The noise that filled
the air were cries from the captives, loud prayers and the raving engine of the speed boat as it
made waves on the river. She wanted dearly to wrap her arms around her brother and tell him
everything would be fine, but she couldn’t. The engine stopped and there was calm among the
“Get down!”
They obeyed, not knowing where to move they waited for further instructions or a pull to
a direction. The later was done. They moved deep into the bushes, branches slammed on their
foreheads, as wild grasses made small cuts on their feet. They moved further down until they
came to a hault. Hands pressed hard on their shoulders, forcing them to their knees. Their
blindfold was taken off. She had to squint a little to adjust to the brightness of the day. The sun
was out and scorching.
“It has not been an easy ride” started the leader, “but we are here now”. He continued with a
slight grin. “See, we have here anything you need. Do not judge us by our looks or
treatment…..we mean well. The enemy here is the government! Wicked people! They are the
true enemies, they and anyone who is for them. You see, we are the true sons of the Rivers.” he
said striking his chest ” we are one of you.” as he spoke, he removed his mask and so did the
others. “We are family now, there is no going back. We will fight to the end….we fight to victory!”
A loud roar followed as they shot in the air to conform to the words of the leader.
She couldn’t get her eyes off him. She was doing a lot of thinking. Could it be him? he
looked so different yet familiar. His pinky finger had been bandaged. She couldn’t shake off the
feeling of knowing him before.
Night came accompanied with the sounds of crickets and cold breeze. At the centre of the
camp was a fire place to keep warm. They were no more restrained, Abiye was sure to be with
her brother every where.
” Never loose sight of me. Everything and anything I do here is to get us out. If Mama should
know we are here, her sickness could get worse and Grandma’s efforts in treating her futile. We
have to do this for her!”. He gave her a nod of approval.

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