Lizzy Anjorin stuns in WEDDING photos and video -

Lizzy Anjorin stuns in WEDDING photos and video

Observed Yoruba Entertainer, Lizzy Anjorin had a vital day as she authoritatively joined the group of wedded ladies in Nigeria.

Her association with her sweetheart who she has adored for as far back as 14 years was epic as she showed up in a wonderful outfit that fits the event just as a major delightful grin to show how energized she was.

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The on-screen character Lizzy Anjorin has taken to her Instagram page to share increasingly wonderful recordings and photographs caught at the wedding just as offering thanks to the participants.

Lizzy Anjorin
Lizzy Anjorin
Lizzy Anjorin

Sharing the video, she wrote:

“For every finger that type CONGRATULATIONS on my new **
You shall recive a shocking ORE OJIJI ….. Did you see work of SOYOYO & IRUNMIJOLO 

Biko wetin arike dey look for nitori olorun???…… Who are this pretty ladies around me bayi”

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Congratulations 💞🎁to the beautiful couple💝👏

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