Storytelling With Ebysblog – 14 -

Storytelling With Ebysblog – 14

Storytelling With Ebysblog

Story Title: ACROSS RIVERS 2

It was a ritual to have a burnfire party at their camp when new intake arrived. Today was
not any different. To their utter amazement, they were served chicken pepper soup with
palmwine and the smell of barbecue wasn’t far fetched. People were getting tipsy and some
militants were seen having their way with some girls. He saw his sister stand up and began to
dance to the rhythm of the beats. She swayed her hips from left to right, causing all attention to
be drawn to her. She wanted the attention of one, the Capon…Iboro and she got it. Confusion
was boldly written on his face. He was sure she hadn’t taken any drink. Then he
remembered……”everything and anything I do here is to get us out of here.”
“You dance well eh?”
“I am just beginning…..”
“Hei!”. He gave a light chuckle. She noticed he was impressed as much as he was drunk.
“Here…..let me pour you another cup my Lord.”
“Haa! I like the way u address me. You see, you and your brother will go far….yes, yes.” He
smiled and laughed lightly. She could see his teeth were stained from prolonged tobacco intake.
How disgusted she was. She poured him more wine till he could barely stand. Her brother was
shown to the major tent along others.
“Come stay with me tonight…..”. She looked him straight in the eye.
“Nothing will make me happier”. The militant with the bandaged pinky finger looked intently at
them as they walked into the tent.
He felt a heavy tap on his shoulder, as he got up, his face was covered with a thick
cloth that muffled his shouts. He was dragged along. Bumping into anything in his path.
“I knew you had plans”. She stood petrified. Iboro had been knocked out, face flat on the bed,
while she scanned the room for a clue to aid their escape, until she was stopped by his voice.
“I knew you had plans” he repeated. “But the good news is, I have mine.” Her heart skipped as
he took away the cloth from his head.
“Si….” he wanted to shout, but he got smacked on the chest. It made him cough.
“You see…i can kill both of you, right here, and be greatly rewarded for it. My name is Uko and I
stand for dignity.” He said with an evil grin on his face. That was when it struck her. He was the
guy who came to her rescue when she was ambushed after school. She could remember telling
him thank you repeatedly and he replied with the exact statement earlier.

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Storytelling With Ebysblog

“I remember you so clearly now! You saved my life one time after school.” He was confused,
even Boma thought it was an act. But she came closer to him and placed her hand on his
lightly. Looked him in the eye.
“This is not you.”
Those words seemed to have immediate effect as his face lost its stiffness and
became relaxed.
“Its who I am now. Go back to the bed. He must see you by his side when he wakes. Do not
move out of here and stay in bed.”
“Thank you…” she muttered. He kept looking at her as if directing her movement with his eyes.
Then he looked down at the boy by his side.
“Am sorry”
“It took you all day to say that.” He jacked him up and placed him back in his bed.

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Storytelling With Ebysblog

It was sunrise, Iboro’s snore was loud. She looked at him with utter disgust and
contempt. Conquered the urge to give him a jab, but rather gave a light pat on the back. He
opened his eyes slightly.
“You were amazing last night” she said giving him false praise. Laughing lightly he said,
“they always say that. How about a little something for the morning?.” he said leaning towards
her. Pushing him away slightly, she gave her response.
“No my Lord, you need your energy for the day”. Laughing loudly and shaking his legs
“Haaa… will make a good wife”. She returned the complement with a smile, which slightly
turned into a frown.
“what is it?”
“of what use is a wife if she cannot please her Lord’s stomach?”
“oh come on, don’t you worry about that. We have a whole department taking care of that.”
“Put me in charge” she said rolling her eyes.
“will that make you happy?”
“as you please.”

Storytelling With Ebysblog

“Ese! Ese!!”. A voluptuous woman walked briskly to the tent with hips swaying from left to right.
Wiping her face with her wrapper….
“Oga you called me?”
“erh…”. He turned looking at Abiye.
“Abiye, my name is Abiye” she said smiling beautifully.
“you see there is a change” he continued.
“erh…” laughing slightly and looking back.
“Abiye is your new Oga. You people should not give her trouble o, eh?”
“Ah! Oga she just …..”
“Ehn! That will be all”
“Okay Sir.” she rolled her eyes maliciously at Abiye as she left. She had just been stripped of
her position and wasn’t happy.
It was dusk, Iboro had gathered his men in his tent. They seemed to be talking about
something very important. Abiye was eavesdropping.
“Those Oyibo people and this wicked government think we are fools….AMNESTY! what do they
think? That we will allow all the grudges flow with the river?”
“No!” they replied in unison. He continued,
“We are fighting for what is ours, for a just purpose…equality. But they are taking everything
away from us! Everything! They have turned our people against us. Painting us as the devil.”
“Uko!” he paused for a moment and looked at him intently. Uko didn’t flinch.
“show no mercy”
“Capon, mercy is for the soft.”
Iboro chuckling “Good guy. 50m per head. 200m for all of them, the Oyibos in your custody. If
nothing happens under 24hrs, kill them. We don’t need them.”
” Government gave us one week. We will give them one day. Ete! I want to go live!”. On hearing
this, Abiye walked hurriedly away

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