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Former staff of FCMB John paul Chibuzo Ajaeri ventured into Poultry farming in January 2018. He resigned from Banking after 9years i left for Livestock and poultry farming 

I rare all kinds of birds, To name a few we have Broiler and Turkeys for sale Our laying bird produces over 87 to 190 crates of eggs everyday

I also sell all kinds of bird feed in subsidiary with UAC. We have layer mash, broiler mash, Broiler Super star bag, We have  broiler  And many more Layer concentrate and Dual concentrate are like materials such that Farmers who do not want to buy finished feed, will buy it along side their soya they will grind it they will now buy the Layer mash or broiler mash and add to it depending on the percentage turning it into a feed

It been Very lucrative for me

I didn’t plan starting up this business it just happened in 2017, On a Friday was on my way to buy live chicken i would use for my self and family i was returning from work i branched into were livestock are sold in large quantities i made enquiry on how its done, i got the neccesary requirements and Guide on how to start I had to even resigned from banking even before my birds arrived.

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Does weather have any effect on the birds?

When the weather is cold they take worm water when its cold they don’t breathe in properly they dont have to take plenty of water even in rain fall they feel cold just like we humans do especially when being bitten by rain you see them shivering if there is much rain fall ther should be a nylon covering them to shield them from cold

Any Financial support?

I started with my savings even while i was in banking i was a car dealer as well so i also made gain in the business, i have up to 10 staffs working for me.

We sell at an affordable price, the profit margine is not much

How did you start finding this interesting?

I didn’t plan it to be sincere like i said earlier i branched from work While i was still working, i made a survey about the Now i have two Properties already and i feel fulfilled 

There was alot of challenges at the initial stage most of the pen house hasn’t been fully worked on i had to work on poultry is about learning something new concerning the birds on daily Bases Like Fascination of Birds at the Early stage Given the Vaccines, checking them from broiler to laying Period, paying attention on the lifespan 

The youth give deaf ears when it comes to Agriculture or livestock business, its either they can’t keep up or they see it as capital Intensive, you have to get at least 1.5 or 1.8 million naira for 1000 bird this can give you 38 crates of eggs in a day.

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How supportive has your family been?

My family are very supportive, my wife has been 100 percent supportive, my little kids are Happy that their father is a Farmer at least they eat Egg and Chicken everyday at any time they need it.

Aspiring farmers should not loose hope, i started with 1500 birds But today, i have over 7000 birds in less that 2 years its about consistency, so the business for me is more Bird, More Money.

 Ceo, Seed of faith Farms, Anya Stella Chinedu

Started on a very small scale like egg sale and distributions and decided to own her own poultry and livestock Business.

In this interview; Mrs Anuawu Broadens our knowledge about the importance and benefit of poultry and livestock business in Nigeria.

How started  was egg business so i realised if i can sell why can’t i produce eggs why can’t i have my own i had the motivation in my mind 

What were the challenges?

 Not being able to identify when the birds were giving me some Negative signs i wasn’t able to identify the cause at the early

Stage i will have to wait until their Doctor comes in the risk behind the maintenance of the bird making them not to die anyhow

How lucrative is it to you?

Poultry business is highly lucrative, people eat meat every day but at the end of day it requires Patience and Dedication you just don’t put in money and tell someone to run it for  you you have to put your mind 100% you have to be ready.

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What interests you most in the Business? 

I had the push asides the financial gain i don’t need to go to the market to buy eggs or meat i always have it to my self

How do you evaluate the Agricultural Practice in Nigeria as regards to Poultry/livestock business in Nigeria?

I think its the best next thing that will happen in the world particulary in Nigeria.

It is something that does not go out of season when you look at how the country is now you will discover that agriculture is the best thing that can happen to us

Its a very lucrative business and i will advice more Farmers to key in either poultry, crops or other kinds of animal rearing that are consumed or animals that can be processed and used for economic purposes.

Government Aids:

I oblige the Government to give grants to farmers the Northerners benefit from the grants some of my farmer friends over there share their experiences with me, they give them money to buy tractors and others materials that they need for their livestock business but here in Lagos all man is to himself So i plead with the Government to please Circulate the grants for Poultry/livestock owners in Nigeria so that everyone will benefit.

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