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Ebysblog video chat (VII)

This category Ebysblog video chat; is more like a public opinion section. A chat, one-on-one chat with an individual on an issue or general topic

Interview section with Nigerian artiste ADEOLUWA ATAYERO

In this Interview, The Artiste who hails Osun State, talks about his growing up, Fleeting Adjustments to learning new things during the lockdown period.

Ebysblog video chat

“My full name is Isaac Adeoluwa Atayero and I am the oldest of five boys. My family moved to the United States when I was young and I lived there for eight years till 2013, when I returned to Nigeria to attend Bowen University the following year. I grew up with parents who encouraged me to express myself artistically and always supported my various artistic journeys. I was always in the church choir and in high school, I performed in a number of plays and musicals. Music and performance have always been a part of me.”

Ebysblog video chat

What inspired you into doing music?

“My love for singing and the ability to write songs formed the perfect storm within me and inspired me to create my own music. Whenever I sing, I feel transported into a different reality and it is such a special feeling. Before I wrote songs, I wrote poetry but in high school, I realized that my poetry could be lyrics. The rest as they say is history.”

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How do you get inspiration?

“I allow the music to come to me. Anything and everything inspires me so I am constantly hearing melodies and seeing concepts in my head. I have found that music-making for me is a reflective exercise. Many times I will write about something I am going through and won’t realize it until many listen later”.

How do you compose your songs and lyrics?

“The process is truly different every time. Sometimes I hear a melody in my head and I keep humming it till the words come to me. There are also times when I’ll see or hear a word and it’ll set off a storyline in my head. I could also be inspired by a beat or existing instrumental. I allow the songs to come to me in whatever is most relevant to the subject matter.”

Ebysblog video chat

Did the pandemic (COVID-19) have any effect on your music production?

“Yes, it did, It allowed me to make more music! I’ve made the most music I’ve ever made in the shortest span in the past couple of months. The lockdown allowed me to retreat into stories I want to tell and improve upon how I want to tell those stories.”

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Asides music, what else do you do?

“I am a communications consultant, as well as a content creator. I just bagged my Master’s degree in Journalism and I am very excited about that.”

What’s your style of music? Is it Afrobeats, hip-hop or rap? Why did you choose it?

“I make Afrofusion. Afrofusion is a sonic mixture of various genres that are sewn together with the thread of the Afro inspired melodies and production which I grew up listening to. I have been blessed to have lived in different parts of the world. The musical influences from these various places have formed a very specific genre for me which I am excited to evolve within.”

Which artiste’s music do you draw from?

There are so many artists who inspire me but ASA’s level of artistry to me is unmatched. I love the way she tells stories and weaves the perfect melodies around them. I really admire what she has been able to accomplish with her sound and persona so far.

Any collaboration with popular artists?

“Not currently but I would love to collaborate with Adekunle Gold”.

How do you relate with your fans especially the females?

“I am always grateful for the love and I always want to show that.”

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Are your family members in support of your music career?

“Yes they are.”

Are you single? If yes why. If no, tell us about it.

“I’m devoted to my music.”

For the ladies?

“I love all the ladies that stream the music, somehow, it feels that they feel me more than the brothers(I love the brothers still) but yeah when you’re making music that isn’t necessarily meant to be hard guy music, it helps to be able to sing somewhat vulnerably knowing the home girls are down with it”.

Android or IOS?

“IOS please”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

“Selling out stadiums and breaking records.”

If you happened to get signed by a popular record label, what’s going to be your next move?

Go touring.

How often do you do collaborations with your colleagues in the music industry?

“Very often! My latest E.P, while we wait, which dropped last month was a collaboration project with six different artistes.”

Ebysblog video chat

Any message for Upcoming Artistes?

“Whatever you do, don’t stop being consistent”.

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