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#sundayvibes – Inspirational Talk With Temini

Temini is our inspirational christian words vlogger. With her #sundayvibes she brings God closer to us and her platform is the Instagram handle the_jesus vlog

In her vlog section for today, she talks on condemnation. It is an amazing section you would not want to miss. Before we share her video, lets share our thought on condemnation.

What Is Condemnation:

From the standpoint of semantics, condemnation is a component of legal terminology. When it’s discovered that against the law has been committed, that the law has been broken, the method of investigation may cause formal charges being levied against a defendant. the method of litigation ends up in the end result, a verdict of acquittal or guilt. the decision indicates that the defendant is either free from or accountable to the law’s penalty for that crime. Thus the result’s either vindication or condemnation. Condemnation can refer either to the status of liability to punishment or to the particular infliction of that punishment. sometimes the word is additionally utilized in a broader context to consult with negative evaluations of someone by peers or by one’s own conscience. This legal process is to some extent the background for biblical language about judgment and condemnation.

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In biblical theology, God as creator, redeemer, and lawgiver, is that the judge of all humankind. He instituted the family, civil government, and therefore the people of God as institutions governing human relationships. within the will theocracy God mediated his justice through judges, kings, priests, and prophets. within the New Testament the church’s leaders are in command of administering his justice to the people of God. All this is often supported the very fact that God has acted to redeem kinsmen and reveal his will to them. those that refuse to believe and obey are guilty of breaking his law. Their punishment has already begun and their ultimate condemnation will occur at the ultimate judgment if they are doing not repent before death.

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