Maiduguri explosion : Many killed in the explosion -

Maiduguri explosion : Many killed in the explosion

Maiduguri explosion : Numerous people were feared dead on Tuesday night following hefty blast and firearm duel between Boko Haram radicals and security agents in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital.

It isn’t clear the loss right now yet reports showed the guerillas attempted to dispatch an assault on University of Maiduguri from the upper east behind the military channel which is behind the college.

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Maiduguri explosion : Inhabitants said the assault has caused commotion around settlements like Mairi, Kaleri and Constein which are offering wall to the University.

An occupants of Kaleri revealed that blasts/explosions Maiduguri explosion were being exploded inside the zone yet can’t tell if there are fatalities.

The Nation reports it’s over a year that Boko Haram extremists put forth attempts to lunch such an assault on Maiduguri city.

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None of the students reached in the University of Maiduguri reacted to calls.

Maiduguri explosion : There are likewise no report yet from security agents.


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