How to help a depressed person -

How to help a depressed person

How to help a depressed person

Today on Ebysblog video Chat, we are looking at depression. We will be talking about the symptoms of depression and how you can help and handle a depressed person.

There are some highlighted points we considered are symptoms of depression. Here are our points;

  • People who seem sad or tearful
  • People who appear more pessimistic than usual or hopeless about the future.
  • Those that talk about feeling guilty, empty or worthless.
  • Those who seem interested I spending time together or communicate less frequently than they normally do.
  • GET upset easily
  • They have less energy, move slowly or seem generally listless
  • Seem forgetful or have trouble concentrate or deciding on things.
  • Eat more or less than usual
  • They talk about suicide
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We also pointed how to help people in their depression;

How to help a depressed person

  • Help them find support
  • Set boundaries when dealing them them
  • Be patient
  • Take care of yourself
  • Stay in touch.

Below is a video that elaborates more on this topic.

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