Cowry Card System: Lagosians Lament Over Cowry Card System -

Cowry Card System: Lagosians Lament Over Cowry Card System

Cowry Card System: The new payment system for the Bus mass Rapid Transit (BRT) vehicles initiated and developed by the Lagos government has not favoured commuters, it appears.

This is contrary to the statement released by the state government’s agency responsible of transportation, LAMATA to announce the launch of the new payment system referred to as the Lagos State Travel Card – succinctly dubbed ‘Cowry Card’.

Cowry Card System: There has been complaint from Lagos state citizens, Information Nigeria recorded some complaint thus;

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BRT station,

Cowry Card Top Up Station

Chidubem Olisa, 27, says she has moved back to boarding yellow buses (danfos) due to the inconvenience that she has experienced using the Cowry Card

“I can’t believe that I have to return to small yellow buses. Now, I’m choosing them over the BRT buses whereas I used to prefer the BRT buses because of comfort. What’s the comfort now? It’s all gone. This Cowry Card has messed things up.”

Mr Segun Babajide, 37, also told Information Nigeria that he has started boarding yellow buses as he can no longer bear the inconveniences caused by the new payment system.

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“The card was supposed to be free. But it was being sold at N400. On February 2nd, the queue to get the card was so long that we waited for over five hours, from 6 am till 11 am. And we couldn’t board a bus without the card. It was so stressful. Why must we bear the brunt of every new government policy?”

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Cowry Card System:

While it may be considered that commuters are facing challenges with the innovative payment system because the process is in its early days, it is also burdensome as they have to inevitably deal with the inconvenience if they decide to board BRT buses.

cowry card machine
cowry card
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