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#Trumpbanned – Twitter bans Donald Trump’s account

Micro-blogging site, Twitter, finally banned US President Donald Trump’s account on Friday, #Trumpbanned, citing “the risk of further incitement of violence” following the US the

Trump tweets ‘WE WILL WIN’ despite no legal victories

President Donald Trump is proceeding to lie around the comes about of the 2020 US races, composing a arrangement of tweets on Tuesday that claimed “big progress” was being made in his lawful fights against the constituent handle — in spite of not having

Biden wins Michigan, Wisconsin, now on brink of White House

Joe Biden won the milestone prizes of Michigan and Wisconsin on Wednesday, recovering a vital piece of the “blue divider” that evaded liberals four years

Mitt Romney: ‘I did not vote for President Trump’

Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah, the GOP official chosen one out of 2012, said on Wednesday that he didn’t project a voting form for President

USA refuses to join global pandemic fight

According to WASHINGTON (AP) — The USA Trump administration said Tuesday that it will not work with an international cooperative effort to develop and distribute

Trump lashes out Michelle Obama on twitter

President Trump has today Tuesday, 18th August lashed out at Michelle Obama( former First Lady) after she issued a blistering criticism of the incumbent president

Trump faces probe over fraud in New York

The Manhattan district-attorney’s office suggested on Monday that it’s been investigating President Trump and his company for possible bank and insurance fraud, a significantly broader inquiry than

Trump sued over police charge outside White House

US Civil Rights Group on Thursday documented a case suing President Donald Trump after security powers terminated pepper balls and smoke bombs to clear quiet


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