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Trump lashes out Michelle Obama on twitter

President Trump has today Tuesday, 18th August lashed out at Michelle Obama( former First Lady) after she issued a blistering criticism of the incumbent president

Trump faces probe over fraud in New York

The Manhattan district-attorney’s office suggested on Monday that it’s been investigating President Trump and his company for possible bank and insurance fraud, a significantly broader inquiry than

Trump off impeachment: Senate acquits US President

US President, Donald Trump is off the impeachment hook. US Senators on Wednesday voted that he changed into no longer responsible of abuse of power. The vote become 52-48.

Iranian Lawmaker Offers $3 million to kill Trump

An Iranian lawmaker provided a $3 million praise to anyone who killed U.S. President Donald Trump and said Iran could avoid threats if it had nuclear palms, ISNA news company stated on Tuesday amid Tehran’s trendy standoff with Washington. Tensions have gradually escalated for


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